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Last month we had the first community writers featured on the nano blog. Senatus explored the importance of self custody and Vini Barbosa led a deep dive into how Kakele Online is using nano as in-game currency

We understand the unique experience and insight our community offers and we want to showcase more of it in 2023. So, we’re looking for talented writers with something important to say about nano to contribute to the blog. As our translation project continues to gather pace, it’s an opportunity to have your work read by thousands of people in the nano community and beyond!

Below is some guidance on the sort of thing we’re looking for. If it looks like something you - or someone you know - could do, get in touch. Let’s make it happen!

1. How are you using nano day to day?

We know that nano is being used everyday by people all over the world. We want to hear more about how you’re doing it!

How are you integrating nano into your daily life, or work? What are the advantages of using nano in your specific circumstances? Has it helped you solve problems, or do things you couldn’t do before?

Where in the world are you? Does your location impact how you use nano, or make it more important?

These are things we’d love to know. Write in your own words, in your own voice. It’s your experience that really counts.

For inspiration, check out how Samuel in Nigeria and Martin in Uganda are using nano.

2. Are you building or innovating with nano’s technology?

Nano is fast, feeless and sustainable, which means it offers developers and innovators a unique opportunity. Have you created something special with nano that you’d like people to know about?

What is your product or solution? How does it use nano to solve a problem, or make a difference? Why did you choose to build with nano, specifically? 

We know that as nano integrations grow and experimentation continues, opportunities will be created that simply did not exist before. How do you see nano shaping your space or industry in the future? Where do you hope to take your work and what impact will it have?

For an example, take a look at how FynCom is using nano to revolutionise micropayments

3. Do you have specialist knowledge or insight that connects to nano?

Perhaps in your work, study or personal research you’ve developed an understanding of a wider topic that relates to nano. This might be cryptocurrency, gaming, financial institutions, payment processes, global economic matters, or political systems. Whatever your specialist subject might be, explore how it connects to nano. We want to know how nano might impact that area, or vice-versa.  

Submissions in this area will be more specialised, requiring research, references and perhaps even sources. But the value your insight will bring to the community and wider world will undoubtedly be worth it. 

Look again at the pieces by Senatus and Vini for examples of what this might look like. 

4. Are you doing something weird and wonderful?

Lastly, we’re aware that the ingenuity of the nano community is limitless. So, if you’re doing something of value that doesn’t fit any of the criteria above, explain what it is in a short email and send it to If nothing else, he’ll get a kick out of hearing about it. 

Check out Jaycoxx’s work to see what we mean.

So there you have it. Four great ways to get your voice heard by people around the world!

Send content, or your idea for content to He’ll guide you through the process and offer feedback on your copy. We can't wait to hear from you!

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