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Jan 03 2024

On January 3, we celebrate Proof of Keys Day 2024 Events

On January 3, we celebrate Proof of Keys Day 2024

On January 3, we celebrate Proof of Keys Day!

A day to remind people of the importance of self-custody and that "not your keys, not your coins."

Every January 3, people are invited to withdraw their XNO from custodians to a self-custody wallet with the keys securely backed up by their owners. Who are also invited to delegate the corresponding voting weight to a Principal Representative of their choice.

Read 'How to take self custody of your nano' to learn more.

The simple action of withdrawing and taking custody of your #nano on this year's Proof of Keys Day has many benefits.

Here are 4 of them for you to feel encouraged to join us in 2024:

  1. Achieving monetary sovereignty without relying on intermediaries;
  2. Increasing personal security against attacks, hacks, outages, bankruptcies, rug pulls, etc;
  3. Keeping custodians honest on their reserves;
  4. Improving the network's decentralization with proper voting delegation.

Benefits can go even further than this small list.
Educating others on the importance of self-custody is fundamental.
Do your part and join us in celebrating Proof of Keys Day 2024!

Wed Jan 03 2024