Digital currency for the real world – the fast and free way to pay for everything in life.

  • Instant transactions
  • Zero fees
  • Infinitely scalable

Online wallet

With an online wallet, you are in control of your funds without having to download the ledger.

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Download an App

Want Nano in your pocket? Download an App for iOS or Android and start sending and receiving payments from anywhere in the world on your mobile device.

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Run on your Desktop

Like the idea of managing your Nano locally? Sync the Nano Wallet to your desktop for added convenience and security to ensure you are in total control.

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Use cases for Nano

Recent developments

Nano node V18, aka "Dolphin", released on the live network. With a handful of new features and streamlining of transaction processing, the network becomes more stable with transaction confirmation times consistently under 2 seconds.

Nano protocol passes third-party security audit from Red4Sec, a leading cybersecurity firm. Penetration testing on the node software and official representative servers, along with audits of the consensus and cryptography methods, resulted in no critical vulnerabilities found.

Nano node V17, aka as our friend "Boulton", released on the live network. With better stability for RPC calls and reduced resource usage the Boulton release sets the stage for upcoming node updates.