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Digital currency for the real world – the fast and free way to pay for everything in life.

  • Instant transactions
  • Zero fees
  • Infinitely scalable

Online wallet

Nano Web Wallet is the official online, light wallet for Nano. With the online wallet, you are in control of your funds without having to download the ledger.

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Download our apps

Want Nano in your pocket? Download the App for iOS or Android and start sending and receiving payments from anywhere in the world on your mobile device.

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Run on your Desktop

Like the idea of managing your Nano locally? Sync the Nano Wallet to your desktop for added convenience and security to ensure you are in total control.

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Looking to start a node? Grab the Linux build here:

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Use cases for Nano

Recent developments

Rebrand announced from RaiBlocks to Nano with all-new supporting website.

New versions of our whitepaper released – including a technical deep dive in to the protocol design considerations.

Faucet closed and remaining token supply destroyed, leaving Nano at a maximum supply of 133,248,290 $NANO