Nano Foundation

Core Goals

The Nano Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation built by passionate volunteers following a collaboration model. We believe that making tangible change in the world is possible through grass-roots action and collective-effort.

Alongside other institutions, businesses and advocates, we build and encourage the growth and usability of a secure and decentralised payment network, nano (ticker: XNO, symbol: Ӿ).

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, nano stands out with a vision that is both unique and transformative: to establish a fee-free & sustainable currency that makes digital payments accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Protocol Development

With its ultra-efficient block-lattice design, the network is optimized to provide the fastest transaction speeds of any cryptocurrency.

Supporting Services

To actively participate in the creation and support of a robust ecosystem, with a focus on fostering adoption and integration of large and small-scale services.

Education and Resources

To help educate and inform people about nano and its use case as a global digital currency, by creating an accessible collection or resources and materials.


University Of East London
GBI - Global Blockchain Initiative
Anglia Ruskin University

Wish to contribute to nano,
but don't know where to start?

Anyone can join in and help with the many facets of making a global decentralised currency, whether you are a developer, marketer, SEO expert or social media whizz, join in through the links below!

Getting active on our socials is a great way to contribute to nano! Whether that be sharing your experience, adoption outreach or just simply engaging with online discussion - it all helps to create a lively ecosystem.


Development Activity

See real-time weekly activity across node development and the Ecosystem

Collaborating to Bring Nano to the World

Nano Foundation

Guardians of the build phase, core development, Nano Foundation is just one part of the wider collective effort.

Community Devs

Talented individuals working together on an open-source, decentralised network.

Network Operators & Beta Testers

Those that maintain the pillars of the Nano Network and help make it stronger upon every upgrade.

Grassroots Marketing

Whether active on socials or in the real world, every nano user has their role to play in sharing nano wider.

Adoption Campaigns

Build your own apps, speak to your local small business, hand out fliers. Nano is designed to be used!

Directors at the Nano Foundation

Voluntarily leading this passionate group of contributors, Colin LeMahieu and George Coxon are Nano Foundation’s Directors.

Colin LeMahieu

Colin LeMahieu

Colin is a software engineer with a focus on high performance and distributed computing. He started nano in 2014 and is a director of The Nano Foundation since 2018. Previously he’s worked at Qualcomm on compiler tools for the Hexagon DSP, AMD for their GPU debugging and profiling tools, and National Instruments on their LabView programming language. Other interests in renewable energy generation, economics, and physics.

Colin LeMahieu

George Coxon

Co-Director at Nano Foundation, United Nation’s Summer Academy Speaker for 2023 Trend Talks, Industrial Fellow at the University of East London, Advisory Board Member to Anglia Ruskin University (The Times University of the Year 2023), Advisor & Lecturer at The Global Blockchain Initiative, Faculty member of the Zigurat Innovation & Technology Business School Global Masters in Blockchain.

George has been recognised as a female leader within the blockchain sector as a Judge for the 'Rising Women in Crypto Power List' by Wirex & UKTN for four consecutive years (2020, 2021, 2022, 2023).