Empowering the Academia: The Nano University Program

Aneena Ann Alexander

Are you an academic enthusiast, a passionate researcher, a dedicated professor, or an eager student? If so, we invite you to embark on an exciting journey with the Nano University Program.

Nano University Program - From Successful Pilot to a Global Initiative

The Nano University Program was initially launched as a pilot initiative and has garnered tremendous support from Nigerian student ambassadors, including Toluwaleke Olujide from the University of Ibadan Nigeria, Enaanapu Gabriel from the River State University Nigeria, and Ogbonnia Christian from the University of Benin Nigeria. The grassroots nano movement in Nigeria is expanding, and we're lucky to have such dedicated ambassadors on board. Now, we are scaling the program globally to onboard new student ambassadors and faculty leads. To further enhance the educational experience, we will also help arrange guest lectures, from the pool of industry experts and thought leaders from the community.

Exploring the University Program

To increase the network economic activity, we require:

  • Increased awareness of nano, including its capabilities and applications.
  • More businesses embracing nano for transactions
  • A growing community of developers building on the nano.

The core objective of the Nano University Program is to create an inclusive and supportive environment where the academic community actively participates and contributes to the nano ecosystem. This initiative empowers students, developers, and researchers to explore, learn, and innovate with nano.

At the heart of the nano University Program are the Student Ambassadors, Faculty Leads, and Researchers who form a vibrant community of individuals passionate about nano and its potential. They can volunteer and take up initiatives/organize events relevant to their area of interest. (Development/Gaming /etc.) The nano ecosystem would not be where it is today without its bustling community and push for collective innovation. The University Program would be a great place to encourage building tools/services for the ecosystem. In addition to that, we also encourage

  • Research on consensus/network and contribute back to the ecosystem
  • Develop explanation courses to introduce use cases and how to integrate nano (Example, gaming)
  • Encourage developing tools or applications that can deliver value creation, mass adoption, hassle-free onboarding, innovation etc. This can include events such as international hackathons, challenges or any other events that can harness the power of communities to ideate, develop and launch tools/solutions for the ecosystem

We are actively seeking institutions to join us in an official capacity where they will have the opportunity to shape the direction of nano education and research, contributing to the global understanding of the protocol. We invite institutions, researchers, and students to contribute in various forms, such as research, code contribution, and documentation. We believe that the variety of experiences, and backgrounds can help grow the ecosystem. If you have any reports or other findings/documents we could publish, that is splendid.

Role of Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are the passionate advocates for nano within their universities and communities. They 

  • Organize events, workshops, and awareness campaigns
  • Share information, updates, and success stories related to nano
  • Represent nano within their respective universities and communities.
  • Initiate projects, workshops, and events that encourage student participation and hands-on learning
  • Build relationships with individuals and organizations to expand nano's reach.

What's in it for you? 

Joining the Nano University Program offers numerous benefits:

Upskilling: Participate in upskilling sessions to enhance your knowledge and skills.
Networking: Connect with industry professionals, experts, and fellow ambassadors, expanding your network within the nano community.
Leadership Experience: Take charge of activities, events, and initiatives, gaining hands-on leadership experience.
Personal and Professional Development: Engage in new ideas, challenges, and experiences, fostering personal and professional growth.
Recognition and Visibility: Receive recognition for your achievements and contributions within the nano community.

Objectives of the Program

To ensure focused and measurable progress, we have established a set of objectives for the first six months

Objective 1: Build, grow, and engage the academic community by running awareness and activation meetups.

How the community can help achieve this objective

  • Spread the word about the Nano University Program on social media platforms and encourage others to follow and engage with the program's content.
  • Create a list of universities/accelerators worth considering and start reaching out to connect with the relevant Ambassadors/student ambassadors of the region.
  • Volunteer to conduct nano workshops or presentations at universities, sharing knowledge and insights about nano's potential.
  • Collaborate with the program organizers to create engaging online awareness campaigns, such as sharing informative posts, creating viral challenges, or organizing virtual events.

Objective 2: Encourage building on nano.

How the community can help achieve this objective

  • Contribute technical expertise and insights to help develop comprehensive educational materials that cover different aspects of nano integration (e.g., gaming, applications in various industries).
  • Share practical examples and case studies that demonstrate the real-world applications of nano
  • Volunteer as mentors or guest lecturers in online sessions, providing guidance and support to students.

By aligning our efforts with these objectives, we can collectively work towards building a thriving nano community and driving impactful outcomes. 

Interested in being a part of this program? Get in touch with aneena@nano.org to join us on this journey, where you can explore, learn, and help unlock the boundless potential of nano!

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