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May 27 2024

RsNano: A Working Nano Node Written in 100% Rust Development

RsNano: A Working Nano Node Written in 100% Rust

Gustav Schauwecker officially announced RsNano, a working nano node written in 100% Rust, after two years of intensive work and development.

Gustav ported the C++ nano-node and has streamed part of the process on his YouTube channel, with a special stream celebrating this announcement on May 28.

However, there is still more work to do before the node is officially launched for public testing. You can read more about the missing pieces and next steps in this blog post.

"So what’s next? Of course all of those missing features have to be implemented in Rust. Also the RsNano code repository is currently 200 commits behind the C++ repository. This will be the focus for the next weeks. Then, shortly after V27 is released, I’m going to release RsNano 1.0-alpha for public testing, which will be equivalent to V27." - Gustav Schauwecker


Mon May 27 2024