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Jul 19 2024

Updated Nano Foundation page Announcements

Updated Nano Foundation page

With the aim of updating our website to be more in line with the volunteer, collaborative model that we now operate, we’ve updated the Nano Foundation page! 

Fri Jul 19 2024

Jul 09 2024

[V27] Beta testing enters 4th round amid positive results Announcements

[V27] Beta testing enters 4th round amid positive results

The V27 beta testing has entered its fourth round, as announced by gr0vity in the Discord channel on July 9.

"Beta testing for V27 continues. This addresses some issues identified in previous rounds mainly when using RocksDB backend. During this phase of testing, we continue to focus on confirmation times and overall system stability as we move closer to the Release Candidate (RC) phase."

So far, results have been positive, with improved performance for transaction confirmations and bootstrapping nodes even facing a high load of transactions, simulating "spam." The nano developer and beta tester gr0vity also reported some of these improvements on the same day.

"I did some testing on confirmation durations with 100 additional bootstrapping nodes.

You can see that the additional bootstrapping nodes have no negative impact on confirmation durations. This shows that we successfully met our target for V27, which aimed to ensure priority blocks confirm quickly even under spam conditions. In all tested situations, the median confirmation duration is around 1 second.

Previously, similar tests on V26 resulted in extended confirmation times for priority blocks, exceeding 15 seconds most of the time. However, there still is an impact on throughput with additional nodes, which drops from ~350cps to ~80cps. This will be addressed in an upcoming version via traffic shaping and a redesign of the network topology."

Beta Test Nano Gr0vity

He also explained that these tests were using a single bucket of transactions.

The beta testing continues, and everyone is welcome to take part in the tests before the final release.

Tue Jul 09 2024

Jun 16 2024

The nano network processed over 200,000,000 blocks! A milestone in scalable, decentralised and fee-free payments! Announcements

The nano network processed over 200,000,000 blocks! A milestone in scalable, decentralised and fee-free payments!

What a milestone! The nano network has now successfully processed over 200,000,000 blocks! Yes, that is two hundred million! This achievement underscores nano’s efficiency, scalability, and ability to provide fast, fee-free transactions.

Nano has consistently demonstrated its value as a fast, secure, and eco-friendly digital currency. Crossing the 200 million block threshold is a testament to the network’s robust architecture and the community's active participation.

A big thank you to all the people that have not only helped to build such an efficient network, but also those that have used nano to send and receive money globally. As nano continues to evolve, the focus remains on enhancing user experience, expanding adoption, and exploring new use cases for fee-free, instant transactions.

The milestone of 200 million blocks is just the beginning. We're ready for the next 100 million blocks and beyond!

Sun Jun 16 2024

Feb 27 2024

V26: Tremissis is LIVE! Announcements

V26: Tremissis is LIVE!

We announce the full release of nano node V26.1 Tremissis - an upgrade that significantly improves network efficiency and resiliency, particularly during adverse network conditions like heavy spam.

What's in V26?

  • Vote Hinting Improvements
  • Improved bootstrapping performance for some slower nodes
  • Server-side support for up to 255 votes per message
  • Server-side support for frontier scanning
  • Miscellaneous cleanup items

Read more here: 

Tue Feb 27 2024