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Feb 27 2024

V26: Tremissis is LIVE! Announcements

V26: Tremissis is LIVE!

We announce the full release of nano node V26.1 Tremissis - an upgrade that significantly improves network efficiency and resiliency, particularly during adverse network conditions like heavy spam.

What's in V26?

  • Vote Hinting Improvements
  • Improved bootstrapping performance for some slower nodes
  • Server-side support for up to 255 votes per message
  • Server-side support for frontier scanning
  • Miscellaneous cleanup items

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Tue Feb 27 2024

Dec 16 2023

The Community Programme is becoming 'open source' Announcements

The Community Programme is becoming 'open source'

The Nano Community Programme is evolving to become more open, as a necessary next step forward on the Nano Foundation’s “open-source journey.”

In this blog post, Community Lead Vini Barbosa, explains how the changes will affect our current contributors and everybody else who wants to join this action-guided endeavor, as well as why we feel they are needed.

Sat Dec 16 2023