The Rise of Nano in Nigeria: How Small Merchants are Embracing the Future of Payments

Forest Horsman

The emergence of digital currencies has undoubtedly caused a seismic shift in the global financial ecosystem. Among these novel currencies, nano stands out due to its unique, decentralised, and eco-friendly technology, which provides instant, fee-free transactions. Its suitability for micro-transactions, instantaneous nature, and zero-fee approach makes it particularly attractive for an emerging economy like Nigeria. This article sheds light on the rising acceptance of nano in Nigeria, focusing specifically on small merchants and vendors that have recently started accepting nano payments in their business.

Nano: a perfect currency for Nigeria

Nigeria, with a significant number of unbanked and underbanked citizens, faces challenges with its traditional banking system. The geographical dispersion of the population, along with infrastructure and affordability issues, pose significant hurdles for many Nigerians seeking to participate in the conventional financial system. Enter nano, a digital currency that bypasses these barriers, empowering individuals and businesses to take control of their finances without the need for banking intermediaries.

The inflationary nature of the Nigerian Naira also makes nano a compelling alternative. Unlike the Naira, which is subject to inflation and depreciation, nano is inherently deflationary. There's a maximum supply of 133 million nano, meaning its value cannot be diluted by creating more coins.

The growing adoption of nano in Nigeria is a testament to its unique advantages, with numerous small merchants and vendors embracing this transformative technology. Here's how some businesses are making waves with nano.

The power of nano for merchants

Diva's Kitchen

Screenshot 2023 08 09 at 13.06.46Diva's Kitchen, a catering service that offers home-cooked meals on a pre-order basis, was among the pioneers to start accepting nano in Nigeria. "We adopted nano because it's  global coin that gives us a level financial freedom and flexibility we've never experienced, with no charges at all!" says the owner of Diva's Kitchen.

Their innovative use of nano not only brought attention to the currency but also enabled them to make a significant social impact. A fundraiser hosted by Diva's Kitchen, where nano was used, helped feed over 300 people in Ibadan, Nigeria. This event drew considerable attention to the utility of nano as a payment medium in Nigeria, inspiring more businesses to follow suit. You can read more about the fundraiser and Feed the Streets event here.

Yelam Foods

4Located in Ibadan, Yelam Foods is also one of the first small businesses in Nigeria that started accepting nano. They offer a range of raw foods such as rice, beans, garri, oil, and drinks. "We accept nano because it is global, easy to use, and fee-free!" explained the Yelam Foods team.

With the addition of Yelam Foods accepting nano in the same area as Diva's Kitchen, a circular economy has started to emerge. Diva's Kitchen actually bought ingredients directly from Yelam Foods with nano for a Feed the Streets initiative, feeding 300 people on the streets of Ibadan! 


Everythingkaffy is a merchant that specialises in oven-fresh dried catfish. They have recently started accepting nano as a payment option. "Our catfish is clean, fresh, and prepared under excellent hygiene conditions. And with nano, we can now offer this same freshness and quality in our payment system," says the owner of Everythingkaffy.

Praiz Ventures

Praiz Ventures is another addition to the growing list of Nigerian businesses accepting nano. They offer a wide range of goods and services, including female clothing, shoes, bags, data and airtime, and even paying electricity bills. The manager of Praiz Ventures said, "Nano has made our business transactions smoother and more efficient. It's a win-win for us and our customers."

The increasing acceptance of nano by small merchants in Nigeria shows the potential of digital currencies to address local economic challenges, transforming the way businesses operate in the process. As more and more small businesses experience the benefits of nano's instant and feeless transactions, it is reasonable to anticipate a future where nano and other cryptocurrencies become a standard payment method in Nigeria and beyond.

This shift is not just about adopting a new form of payment; it's about empowering businesses and individuals, and facilitating financial inclusion. It's about offering an alternative to the traditional banking system that many Nigerians have been excluded from for so long. It's about creating a new financial future that is accessible, efficient, and inclusive for all.

FC Espada: Kicking Goals with nano

In a community-driven movement, a local football club in Ibadan called FC Espada, has also jumped on the nano bandwagon. FC Espada, consisting of enthusiastic kids and guided by their dedicated coach, Bukar Beto Ismail, turned to nano to raise funds for new training equipment and jerseys. They began accepting nano donations and were thrilled with the support they received from the global nano community.

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To celebrate and showcase their gratitude, FC Espada now sports nano-branded jerseys, turning the team into ambassadors for this digital currency. Furthermore, the club has taken an innovative approach to engage with their supporters by utilising a nano-powered livestreaming app called Perseeve. Through Perseeve, FC Espada livestreams their football matches, and fans can support the team by donating nano in real-time.

Coach Bukar Beto Ismail recently created a heartfelt video telling the story of FC Espada and expressing his profound thanks to the nano community for their generosity and support.

"Our journey has been made possible through nano. This isn’t just about football; it's about opening doors of opportunities and dreams for these kids." Coach Bukar Beto Ismail says.

FC Espada’s embrace of nano isn’t just a story of a football club raising funds; it's an inspiring testament to the unifying and empowering nature of cryptocurrencies like nano in bringing global communities together for a common cause.

The future of nano in Nigeria

While Nano's adoption among small businesses in Nigeria is encouraging, it's only the tip of the iceberg. The potential applications of nano and other cryptocurrencies in Nigeria extend far beyond small merchants. Given the numerous advantages that nano offers, such as its instantaneous nature, feeless transactions, and its resistance to inflation, it's easy to envision a future where larger businesses, remittances, peer-to-peer transactions, and even governmental services in Nigeria are facilitated by nano.

Further, the success stories of these small merchants are an inspiring signal to other businesses, both small and large, to consider integrating nano into their payment systems. As more businesses and individuals learn about nano's potential, and as digital infrastructure continues to improve, the growth of nano in Nigeria is likely to accelerate.

In conclusion, nano's growth in Nigeria symbolises the dawn of a new era in digital payments. Its adoption by small merchants such as Diva's Kitchen, Yelam Foods, Everythingkaffy, and Praiz Ventures shows how technology can offer efficient and inclusive financial solutions, even in developing economies. As Nigeria continues its stride towards digital transformation, nano is set to play a crucial role, transforming the country's financial landscape and paving the way for a more inclusive and efficient economic future.

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