Empowering Communities: How Aaron Transformed a School Project into a Movement in Argentina

Aneena Ann Alexander

At the Nano Foundation, we'll never stop telling people that nano has the very best community, not just in cryptocurrency, but pretty much anywhere. And when people ask why, we just point them to the incredible work of our community members, where one individual's passion and determination can pave the way for widespread adoption.

Meet Aaron Jacob Diaz, an Argentinean student whose journey into the world of nano began as a school project but evolved into a remarkable initiative to integrate nano into local businesses and beyond.

A School Project Turns Into a Movement

Aaron's journey with nano started during a technology class at his school. Tasked with presenting a project on cryptocurrencies, he chose to focus on nano due to its fee-free and fast settlements. "For the project, we bought 50 XNO and distributed it among my schoolmates," Aaron explains, reflecting on the grassroots approach that laid the foundation for his nano initiative. He realized that true adoption comes from direct experience, encouraging his friends to try nano for the first time.

Convincing Family Stores

To showcase the real-world utility of nano, Aaron approached his family's businesses. When asked about convincing his family businesses to embrace nano, Aaron shares, "At first, they were hesitant." His mother's cosmetics store became the first to accept nano as payment. Two of his friends made the first nano transactions, buying shampoos with nano. This marked a promising start, demonstrating the practicality of nano in everyday transactions.

Aaron Nano Adoption

Expansion Beyond School Borders

Buoyed by the initial success, Aaron expanded his initiative to the city of Rio Segundo, engaging with local businesses. His aunt, who owned a kiosk in the city center, joined the movement, further cementing the potential for widespread adoption in Argentina. His friends started to make purchases with nano, showcasing its ease of use and generating interest among other merchants, hoping it to be an inspiring signal to other businesses, both small and large, to consider integrating nano into their payment systems.

However, Aaron faced an uphill battle, as many Argentinian stores remained hesitant to accept crypto due to unfamiliarity and misconceptions. He leveraged his skills, initiating discussions with local businesses and addressing concerns by explaining the basics of cryptocurrency, outlining the advantages of nano, and providing hands-on guidance for accepting nano payments and exploring potential options for off-ramping.

Aaron's determination did not go unnoticed. He received 25 XNO from the community, enabling him to print posters and promote nano in more locations. Despite setbacks, Aaron remains resilient, planning to print more posters and pamphlets. His efforts didn't stop at Rio Segundo; he expanded this to Pilar and Cordoba and dreams of expanding nano's reach in the broader Buenos Aires area (AMBA).

What feels so exciting is that as awareness and adoption of nano grows, its influence only gets stronger. We are still so early in the journey towards seeing nano used widely as a truly global currency. The grassroots initiatives such as this take us one step closer to that goal. As Aaron continues his journey, his story encourages others to explore the potential of nano in fostering economic inclusivity at the grassroots level.


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