Spotlight on Samuel Olapade - Nurturing Nano's Rise in Nigeria and Beyond as an Ambassador

Aneena Ann Alexander

Meet Samuel Olapade, the driving force behind our thriving Nigerian Community and Nano Ambassador. Samuel is not just passionate about education; he has spearheaded engaging online and face-to-face educational events. What sets Samuel apart is his commitment not only in virtual spaces but also his tangible impact on the ground. Join us in learning more from Samuel, a shining example of how community leadership extends beyond virtual boundaries, as he recently represented the community at the Blockchain Africa Conference in Ghana.


Samuel, congratulations on representing nano at the Blockchain Africa Summit in Ghana. It's truly impressive! To achieve this, you utilized the brilliant SendNano platform to raise funds to cover your expenses. How did you feel when you realized that the full amount (Ӿ645) was donated by just one community member (u/xanza)?

Samuel: Thank you! It was a truly remarkable experience. I couldn't believe my eyes when I received a notification of Xanza's Reddit response, stating that the entire amount would be donated to my wallet. Despite my extensive experience as a community manager for various projects since 2018, this was a first experience for me. This act shows the solidarity within the nano community, and I am proud to be a part of this wonderful family.

That's truly remarkable, Samuel. Now, diving into the Blockchain Africa Summit, the two-day event was jam-packed with keynote speakers and event sponsors. Was there a standout speaker for you?

Samuel: All the presentations were top-notch. However, I had a memorable encounter with Professor Nii Quayor, a 76-year-old who emphasized the power of blockchain and encouraged African youth to create solutions for real-world problems. It was a lineup of great speakers.


We are so proud of you for representing Nano in another country at such a wide-reaching event where you took part in a panel session on 'How to integrate Blockchain into a Business Model.' Can you share how you answered this question and highlighted nano's use cases?

Samuel: Certainly. Although unprepared, it was a great moment to dive into nano's use cases. I shared the story of how the nano community sponsored my travel using SendNano, touching on donation and charity use cases. I also took some time to  explain how merchants use nano as a payment pathway for their goods and services globally  especially with a focus on Nigeria.

Spotlight on Samuel Olapade

It's fascinating how nano's real-world applications were showcased at the summit. Shifting gears a bit, you're an electrical engineer by profession. How did you find Nano in 2020, and why have you poured so much incredible passion and energy into the community since?

Samuel: I recall discovering nano in 2020 when I was simply exploring the blockchain industry, looking to broaden my horizons. Finding nano proved to be a game-changer as I stumbled upon a unique solution within the financial landscape, addressing issues that directly impacted those around me. The unity I observed within the community drew me in, and the recognition that everyone's ideas are welcomed served as a guiding principle in relating to the team. With the support of the community, I aspire to contribute more and eagerly anticipate what lies ahead


Looking ahead, what are your future plans to foster nano's growth within Nigeria?

Samuel: My focus is on education. I plan to organize meetups, seminars, and establish partnerships with institutions, students, and business owners. While there are challenges, I believe that gradual efforts and community support will lead to increased adoption of nano in Nigeria.

In Samuel Olapade, the nano community has a dedicated leader whose journey underscores the power of community support and passion in driving blockchain technology forward. We look forward to witnessing the continued impact of Samuel's efforts within the nano community and beyond

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