First African Merchant Meetup: Exploring business Innovation solutions for 2024

Enaanapu Gabriel
Community Contributor

Community contributor Enaanapu Gabriel hosted the first Nano Networking Meetup in Nigeria, called "First African Merchant Meetup." Now, he shares his experience and vision related to the event in this article.

What are the chances of more global businesses accepting nano payments in 2024? Can we hope for more business owners to key into the Nano Adoption Campaign?

From small businesses using nano for digital payments to the successful execution of micro-campaigns focused on grassroots movements, we see key contributors leaving visible footprints for the successful creation of an efficient local circular economy around digital money.

I'm a nano preacher not by pressure, not by any title but by a common goal of a digital and more efficient economy to those that deserve it the most. I also believe that every sustainable technology is meant to build connections by enabling business collaborations around the world.

In this piece, we are opening the door of partnership as we link with people sharing the same commitment to worldwide adoption. Also, highlighting especially the key activities of the first African Merchant's Meetup of the year featuring the PreachBusinness Club in the city of Port Harcourt, Nigeria

The Business Merchant weekend

The pictures in this blog post highlight the first physical event of 2024 in collaboration with food vendors, and small business owners in Port Harcourt City, Nigeria. Here are some of the activities that marked a colorful yet productive gathering.

1. Nano to Naira (Bigeria)

Inflation and a hike in the price of goods is one of the major challenges facing entrepreneurship. People are increasingly becoming worried about the government's ability to restrict access to hard-earned cash. With exchanges like Bigeria, even a small amount of nano could be exchanged directly to naira and vice versa, making it easy for anyone to use Nano.

Nano Meetup Gabriel 3

2. One to One Networking

During the business merchant weekend, most small business owners had the opportunity to create live connections with other vendors. In this case, everyone had the chance to talk about their merchandise in a well-prepared networking situation.

The attendees include graphic designers, realtors, eco/agro entrepreneurs, cafe owners, and fashion and beauty shops to be onboarded to the ecosystem.

Nano Meetup Gabriel 2

3. Community expansion

Keeping the dream alive, growing and expanding to different channels through community forums, business trade shows, and exploring possibilities of a more efficient digital economy.

Nano Meetup Gabriel

More Nano in Future Events

As Community Ambassadors, we all should be part of every good springing from the community. The more people we have using Nano the more meaningful work we are capable of doing.

We would love to see more nano in the hands of business people, shop owners, and everyday vendors this year. This makes us feel like we are doing the right thing; teaching people the simple idea of freedom for their own money.

See Footage of nano vendors together with other prospective members

Enaanapu Gabriel (@EnaaGabriel, on X) is the Covener of Business Merchant Weekend and a Community Advocate of Nano Nigeria.

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