Building the Best Version of Digital Cash: A Call to all the Builders, Tinkerers, and Changemakers

Bob Linster

In the pioneering spirit of exploration and discovery, amidst skeptics and freedom advocates, a new vision emerges. It's time to redefine our financial future.

As the era of digitization advances at a breathtaking pace, we find ourselves at the threshold of a global financial metamorphosis. The transformation of traditional systems into the digital realm will bring us Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) – digital Euros, digital Dollars, and the like. But this moment prompts an essential question: Should we accept this change passively, or should we aspire to something more significant, something truly revolutionary?

This is for all those who see the profound value in decentralized digital cash. We, who value freedom of choice and harbor skepticism towards the looming dominance of CBDCs. We, who desire to change the system, to make a difference.

We're builders, tinkerers, high achievers and sometimes procrastinators. We believe in our collective capacity to conceive and develop an improved version of digital cash: open, inclusive, and free for everyone.


The Power of Decentralized Digital Cash

Public trust in financial institutions has been steadily eroding over time. There's a growing discomfort towards the level of control that centralized entities could potentially exert over a digital currency. A decentralized version of cash stands as a viable solution. It implies that no single authority can control, manipulate, or decide who has the right to use it.

Free from central authority, digital cash embodies the essence of economic sovereignty and personal freedom. It's available to anyone with internet access, not discriminating based on location, identity, or wealth. It's an empowering tool for individuals, rather than an instrument of control for institutions.


Dreaming Up the Future of Money

The path forward is filled with challenges and complexities. We need the collective intelligence and creativity of many to tackle issues of scalability, privacy, security, and user experience. Yet, there's an enduring belief that together, we can build this system. We can create digital cash that is as free as the air we breathe, as universal as human rights, and as groundbreaking as the invention of the internet itself.

To every builder and tinkerer brave enough to reimagine our financial systems, to every high achiever who won't settle for the status quo, to every procrastinator waiting for the perfect moment to make a mark - this is your call to action. It's your chance to contribute to something transformative, something monumental.

Together, we can redefine money, not as a tool of control but as a means of empowerment. Where access to financial services is a right, not a privilege. With technology, we have the power to not merely replicate financial inequalities of the past, but to create a future of financial inclusion and freedom.

People like us, build things like this. Join in to shape our future!

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