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Jun 09 2023

V25.1 Development Update is out! Announcements Development

V25.1 Development Update is out!

Following the release of V25 onto the main nano node network we subsequently release V25.1 due to an issue with the “process” RPC in some cases. This hotpatch contains within the following small fixes:

  1. Fixes builds for Windows and RedHat Linux variants
  2. Fixes an issue with the “process” RPC which could hang in some circumstances

V25.1 includes stability improvements over V23/V24 and services should upgrade to ensure the best quality of service. We understand that each service will have their own upgrade plans though we recommend your node be upgraded as soon as possible to enjoy the benefits of the nano network at its best. 

Compatibility and breaking changes
The minimum system requirements to run a node have been increased. Several features in the C++20 specification will streamline and enhance the development of the Nano node software.

If you’re compiling the node from source please ensure your operating system has a working c++20 compiler. For Ubuntu systems this is 22.04 or a system with GCC 11.

The following RPCs have had minor changes, please review and test if these have an impact on your integration. accounts_balances, accounts_frontiers, accounts_representatives.

How to upgrade

More information about what V25 Daric entails

Thank you for your continued support of the nano network. We look forward to all services upgrading to help the network perform at its best! If you have any questions, the nano team is on hand to answer.

Fri Jun 09 2023