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Dec 12 2023 integrates nano (XNO) Partners integrates nano (XNO)

Onramp Money ( announced its most recent integration of nano (XNO).

"We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone — the integration of Nano into our platform, enabling users across diverse regions like India, Turkey, Vietnam, Mexico, UAE, Brazil, Kenya, Nigeria, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Europe, UK & Indonesia to seamlessly buy and sell $XNO using their local fiat currencies." — Onramp Money

Notably, users can now on/off-ramp XNO with:

INR (India), TRY (Turkey), VND (Vietnam), MXN (Mexico), AED (UAE), KES (Kenya), NGN (Nigeria), COP (Colombia), PEN (Peru), CLP (Chile) EUR (Europe), GBP (U.K.), IDR (India).

Tue Dec 12 2023