This month in RsNano: January 2023

Gustav Schauwecker
Community Contributor

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Welcome to ‘This month in RsNano’! 

RsNano is a Rust port of the original nano-node. Every month, I’ll be updating you with a summary of its progress and community talking points. This year, all my reports will be published on the Nano blog - thank you to the Nano Foundation for the support!

This is actually issue five of ‘This month in RsNano’. If you’re interested, you can find issues one to four right here

I took some days off in December to spend time with my family. I’m also writing this report a week earlier than usual, so it’s slightly shorter than previous editions. However, there are still a couple of interesting things to update you on!

Roughly 33% is ported

This month we had:

  • 108 commits
  • 3,313 lines inserted
  • 1,589 lines deleted

This changed the current line count (excluding comments and blank lines) to:

  • C++: 92,761 lines
  • Rust: 44,866 lines

The ported status increased by 0.8 percentage points to 32.6%. This increase is low again because I had taken time off over Christmas and New Year.

Screenshot 2023 01 20 at 3.41.40 Pm

First development live stream

To help new contributors get started, I tried something new: a development live stream on YouTube.

I had planned to port a small and simple part from Nano to Rust. However, things escalated quickly, and suddenly I was entangled in solving a not-so-simple problem. It took the entire stream to solve it! Nevertheless, I think the stream was really helpful for newcomers.

The whole thing was meant as an experiment: if there was enough interest, then I wanted to stream regularly. The stream consistently had between 8 and 16 live viewers, which was more than I expected. So, I consider this a success and will now stream once a month! Thanks to all who participated. 

You can watch the stream here on YouTube:

If you would like to get involved in RsNano, we always love contributions!

Upcoming live stream: Tuesday, Feb 07, at 19:30 UTC

Since the last live stream was better received than I expected, I will now stream every month. The next date is Tuesday, February 7 at 19:30 UTC (20:30 Berlin / 14:30 EST).

This time we will try again to port the class backlog_population to Rust.

You can watch the upcoming stream, here.

Porting of confirmation_height_processor

If a block has received enough votes, then it gets “cemented” in the ledger. That means the block cannot be rolled back anymore.

The class confirmation_height_processor is responsible for cementing blocks. It uses a bounded and an unbounded implementation of the cementing algorithm. As a first step to port the confirmation_height_processor I started porting and simplifying the confirmation_height_unbounded class. This is still a work in progress and will be shown in detail in next month’s issue of ‘This month in RsNano’.

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