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In this article, we will delve into the achievements and numbers of Nano’s success at NOWNodes in 2023: the network’s biggest development and nodeOps milestones as well as future plans of NOWNodes development.

Nano truly stands out from most blockchain networks in the industry: with no transaction fees and block-lattice architecture, Nano makes a great candidate for everyday usage. As the level of Nano popularity grows, more developers and enterprises use our Nano RPC Full Nodes. 

Nano RPC Usage: New Milestone

We provide shared and dedicated access to Nano RPC Full Nodes. These instances are utilized by developers, enterprises and community projects for several purposes: to extract and work with on-chain data, integrate XNO coin and facilitate Nano transactions. 

Nano demonstrated quite great results this year: our API manages to process over 250 million RPC requests from users that had shared access to Nano full nodes. This is 34% more than we recorded for the similar period in 2022 (Jan-Nov ‘22 versus Jan-Nov ‘23). 

Talking about trends: the busiest month for Nano usage at our platform was August where we managed to record the highest monthly rate of requests. However, we cannot display the type of requests as we never collect such information as we follow our strict privacy policy.

Dev Report Nano 2

The numbers that we displayed in the graph above do not include the numbers of Nano nodes’ usage on the dedicated access. We do not collect nor count them according to our Terms and Conditions. With that being said, let’s move on to the most popular use cases in 2023.

Use Cases that used Nano in 2023

We onboarded new partners that started utilizing Nano RPC Full Nodes. Although we cannot disclose the exact names and number of them, we can share the rate of the most popular web3 tools and platforms that integrated our Nano endpoints.

Dev Report Nano 3

In comparison with 2022, we welcomed more wallets and DEXes that started or continued Nano and XNO support in their applications using our Nano RPC Full Nodes. There were some completely new use cases including tipping platforms and payment systems.

Overall, the trends remain the same: Nano is widely used for everyday chores including several kinds of transactions: payments and tips.

Our Nano Upgrades in 2023

This year our development team focused not only on onboarding new developers and networks, but also on adjusting and expanding our node capacities. In summer we managed to increase the speed of some of the heaviest Nano RPC requests and maintained 33,974x faster speed. Our team supported this technical upgrade by expanding the available hardware and the maximum input capabilities. Feel free to test and share your feedback on our Nano connection using methods from our official documentation.

Besides technical improvements, our team focused on ecosystem development as well. We had an amazing Ask-Me-Anything session with Patrick Luberus - security engineer and Nano community veteran where he answered some of the most frequently asked technical questions. We also advise you to listen to our ecosystem call with Nano on building with Nano in X (formerly Twitter).

We continue serving the Nano ecosystem and are always looking to onboard more use cases and help them integrate Nano solutions. Here’s how you can start building on Nano in 2023.

How to connect to Nano via NOWNodes?

In order to build with Nano and integrate the Nano ecosystem, you need to use a specific endpoint to perform on-chain activity. 

Just follow the simple steps below to get your private Nano API key and get the access to Nano mainnet through NOWNodes.

  1. Visit the NOWNodes website ( and sign up for a new account.
  2. As you have signed up, you are going to be proposed to choose the tariff plan. You have the option to easily choose a FREE plan, which grants you immediate access to a Nano full node.
  3. If you have selected the free plan, you will then be allowed to choose 5 blockchains from a selection of almost 90. Scroll down to select the Nano RPC node. Click the "ADD" button in front of the XNO Ticker to connect to the Nano.
  4. The next step is to navigate to “DASHBOARD” in your account and scroll down the page. Simply push the button “ADD NEW KEY” and your own API key will be added automatically. This private API key could be used as a Nano node API or for any other blockchains from the chosen list. 
  5. Once you get your Nano API key, you can use it to generate requests to the Nano. Check all the available Nano methods in the NOWNodes postman and interact with your platform by using the available endpoints. 

Dev Report Nano


  • Nano showed solid growth in 2023 with specific trends in node usage and more ecosystem tools that started utilizing Nano RPC Full Node;
  • August 2023 collected the most Nano RPC requests;
  • Overall, several high-load methods Nano RPC Full Nodes started processing data almost 34 times faster after technical improvements.

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