Celebrate 2023's Free Money Day with nano and spread the message of generosity

Forest Horsman

What is Free Money Day?

Free Money Day is a global social experiment held every year on September 15, where scores of people from around the world hand money over to strangers, for free! The day intends to spark conversations about sharing economies and promote new types of economic activity - asking the general public to think about their relationship to money and engage the broader population in financial reform.

Organised by the Post Growth Institute, this global social experiment is now in its 13th year and has inspired over 350+ events in over 250+ locations in 35 and counting countries!

“Free Money Day is a chance to get money flowing more readily in our society and to inspire greater generosity, rather than shaming people into action. It’s a chance for people to experience how good it can feel to give, and a moving reminder that we’re all in this together,” said Donnie Maclurcan, Executive Director of the Post Growth Institute and Global Organiser of Free Money Day. 

Sounds familiar right?

Nano Foundation & Post Growth Institute

Last year on Free Money Day, we saw the nano community donate nano around the globe via countless spots in the WeNano App and even giving away lots of nano on Reddit. A chain was even started on Twitter, where users would receive nano and pass half of it on to the next person! This is the magic of nano - it is the only currency that can be sent to anyone around the globe for free!    

Well, we have some wonderful news - after the success of last year’s efforts across the nano community, the Nano Foundation is proud to announce our partnership with the Post Growth Institute for this special day!

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The Post Growth Institute (PGI) is an international, not-for-profit organisation facilitating the shift to a world where people, companies, and nature thrive together within ecological limits. The world’s first group to integrate macro, micro, and community economy perspectives into a holistic vision for a sustainable future, the PGI strives to re-imagine economics, from extractive accumulation to regenerative circulation. The PGI supports organisations reorient, from bloated, profit-maximisation to lean, purpose-driven approaches; and reconnect communities, from systemic isolation to strengths-based belonging.

“If you’re questioning the status quo and interested in a more sustainable society, Free Money Day is your chance to get involved. It’s the beginning of a conversation, a thought provoking and exciting idea; Free Money Day is also a creative exercise and a lot of fun!” Ravi Prasad, Founder, Friends with Things, Earth Hour Finalist 2020. 

Nano and Free Money Day, a match made in heaven

Nano stands out as an exemplary digital currency, making it a great addition for Free Money Day, to spread the message even further and wider. Here’s why:

  • Global Money for a Universal Message: Free Money Day is a universal movement, transcending geographical boundaries to promote a spirit of generosity. Nano, as a global currency, complements this by erasing borders in the financial realm. Anyone from anywhere can send and receive Nano, ensuring that the message and spirit of Free Money Day truly resonate worldwide.

  • Truly Free Digital Transactions: A day promoting the freedom of money is made even more symbolic when the currency used carries no transaction fees. Nano transactions are instant and completely free, making it the ideal medium for participants. There's no reduction in the gift due to fees, ensuring that the recipient gets every bit of the generous gesture.

  • An Altruistic Heartbeat: At its core, Nano and its community embody values that align with the very essence of Free Money Day. Their commitment to a decentralized, equitable, and sustainable financial ecosystem makes them natural proponents of initiatives that seek to break down the barriers of traditional monetary systems and promote shared prosperity.

  • A Platform for Philanthropy: Beyond its fundamental characteristics, nano's ecosystem brims with applications and platforms designed around the concept of giving. From charitable donations to community-led initiatives, the nano ecosystem fosters a culture of generosity, making it a fitting platform to amplify the impact of Free Money Day.

By bringing nano into the fold, Free Money Day stands poised to make an even more profound statement on the transformative power of generosity in the modern age.

How can you participate in Free Money Day 2023 with nano?

We want to show how nano can be used to share the message of Free Money Day across the globe. Let’s see how much nano we can get sent around the world in 24 hours - to show the power of nano’s altruism and that nano is digital cash!

Here are a few things you can do to participate:

WeNano spots

WeNano is a great tool to share nano with people around the world. WeNano can be used in several ways if you want to participate in Free Money Day 2023. For example, you can donate to an existing WeNano spot if it’s empty, so that others can claim nano there from your donation.

You can also set up a spot yourself, anywhere on the world map, to share your nano donation with people in that area.

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For Free Money Day, WeNano even allows you to create a spot pre-filled with nano (funded by the WeNano team), for free! You can do this by simply going to the community tab in the app, selecting 'Global and Spotlight,' and it will display an option for 'Spot Giveaway' there. When you tap that option, a new view will appear where you can set the name of the spot and decide where you want to place it on a map. After setting it up, you will become the owner of the spot.

Additionally, you can use spots that are in your area by bringing a friend to visit a WeNano spot and having them claim some nano. Free Money Day is a perfect opportunity to introduce someone new to nano and provide them with a bit of nano for free!

Donations via WeNano also count towards our goal of seeing how much nano can be sent peer-to-peer in 24 hours. Stats about how many WeNano donations and payouts have been made, and how much nano total has been sent on the nano network, will be recorded as well.

Social Media

You can also use social media to spread awareness of Free Money Day and nano! This way, more people will find out about the initiative, start thinking about their relationship with money, and perhaps even participate in Free Money Day as well! With nano being a great digital addition to Free Money Day, people can easily participate in sharing money from behind their desk.

Make sure to use the #FreeMoneyDay and #nano hashtags, and tag their social media profile.





Free Money Day Linktree 


Community Ambassador in Nigeria Enaanapu Gabriel Convinces V0 Dtles2dkj3eb1

Sharing with people on the street how they can get nano for free on Free Money Day using WeNano is another great way to participate! To help you out, we’ve created stickers and pamphlets that can be printed and shared with friends, family and on the street!

Take a look at this pamphlet & this sticker.

Are you planning on printing and distributing these pamphlets and/or stickers? Make sure to record your experience and share it on social media such as twitter, instagram, facebook and tiktok!


Free Money Day is a great opportunity for us all to show the world the generosity and altruistic side of the nano community, and to show the potential of nano as a global currency that is not made of greed, but instead built on sharing, working together and improving the world one little nano step at a time.

Let’s use September the 15th to share some love with one another by sharing nano! 


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