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Nano is perfect for everyday transactions - no fuss, no fees, no waiting. This is what simple and easy-to-use digital money feels like.

Digital wallets for your Nano

To get started with Nano, first you will need a wallet. There is a wide variety of fast and simple wallets to choose from across all major platforms and devices. We’re always working to make Nano more accessible, so if Nano isn’t available in your favorite wallet today, please let us know.

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Send a transaction without a wallet

Experience Nano in action by sending a real transaction from New York to Frankfurt to Bangalore, at the touch of a button.

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Try Nano now

Want to see the instant and fee-less nature of Nano for free?
Collect a small amount of Nano from a range of community-run faucets below and start sharing with your friends.

Where to get Nano?

Nano is widely available across many popular third-party services that provide you with a range of options to acquire, store, exchange and spend your digital money.


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Paying with Nano

There is an ever growing ecosystem of online and brick and mortar merchants accepting Nano. Find out where you can spend your Nano below.

Featured Merchants

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Accepting Nano in your business

Save money on transaction costs by getting set up to accept Nano from your customers. Head over to our integration page for more info about third-party services offering easy solutions for accepting Nano as part of your online or brick-and-mortar business.

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