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Jan 27 2024

Starting Circular Economies with Nano Networking Meet-Ups Adoption

Starting Circular Economies with Nano Networking Meet-Ups

The Nano Community Programme has evolved, and now, more than ever, we need every community member's support and activity to increase nano awareness and adoption worldwide. In this article, Nano Foundation's Community Lead Vini Barbosa guides you through a meet-up structure idea that anyone can reproduce anywhere in the world — just like sending and receiving nano (XNO).

Building circular economies is one of our most important goals to foment real-world adoption of nano as a currency. A circular economy exists when entities can directly spend the coins they earned with another participant, and so on.

For that, I introduce you to the Nano Networking meet-up proposed structure. This should be a general guide for the first steps of organizing a local meet-up aiming to build circular economies worldwide.

By following this guide, all nano community members will be able to host their local nano networking meet-ups and become leaders (or ambassadors) locally.

Sat Jan 27 2024