I dey use Nano to
send moni go yanki
collect payment dem
buy airtime/ recharge phone
receive tips dem online
donate give charity dem
make you dey eco-responsible
Go back one item
Go forward one item

Nano na digital moni for everybody, and e no get fees.

Ziro fees

É no cost anythin to send nano, and dis make am practical inclusive for persin for all the world.


Even without sey make e rely on mining, printing or minting, nano na the solution to moni matter wey go last well-well.

Sharp- sharp payment

You no need wait to use digital moni, nano dey ready whenever you ready.

Nano na new moni wey just happen to be digital.

Like the moni wey dey for your pocket, if you chose to do your business with nano this go help ensure sey your complete transfer 100% go reach the persin wey you send am to.

Dem create am so e go help facilitate payment for both home and abroad. If you choose to use nano, e go dey easy to move moni from border to border without any fee.

Make you try Nano

Na wetin I fit do with nano?

Make you explore the correct ecosystem of apps, business people and exchanges dem.