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Jan 25 2024

"Traveling with nano is possible using the right tools," says Vini Barbosa Adoption

"Traveling with nano is possible using the right tools," says Vini Barbosa

Nano Foundation’s Community Lead Vini Barbosa has shown it is possible to travel (mostly) with nano in his pockets.

On a trip to Curitiba (Paraná, Brazil), Vini has covered nearly 90% of his expenses with XNO. Moreover, he explained to the team that these units were previously earned in a job he does for — a children’s story website by Pim Coffeng.

“I was gifted the flying ticket for this 2-day trip but I could’ve purchased it with nano through Travala if I wanted to. The hotel was booked using Travala, and Uber through NanoBankBot (a Brazil-only service for gift cards and on/off-ramp, by Wenderson from the Brazilian community). However, the best part was directly spending nano at Corleone Craft Burger. From my self-custody wallet to Corleone owner's self-custody wallet, no intermediaries. The hamburger is delicious, by the way. The thing is, traveling with nano is possible using the right tools.

Vini’s trip expenses:

Brazilian Real (BRL) - R$63.00 (10%)

  • Airport Lunch 1: R$34.00
  • Airport Lunch 2: R$28.00

Nano (XNO) - R$559.52 (90%)

  • Hotel: Ӿ53.74 (R$295.57)
  • 5 Uber trips: Ӿ35.04 (R$200.00)
  • Corleone Craft Burger: Ӿ12.79 (R$63.95)
    • 2x Beer:  Ӿ4.8 (R$24.00)
    • 1x Hamburger: Ӿ5.99 (R$29.95)
    • 2x Water: Ӿ2.00 (R$10.00)

TOTAL: R$621.52

Thu Jan 25 2024