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Jan 26 2024 project shutdown 2/2/2024 Partners project shutdown 2/2/2024

It's with a touch of sadness that the creator of a long-running project,, active for nearly three years since its inception during the raiblocks era, has announced its closure. Despite the creator's self-professed limited programming skills, the project has thrived, a testament to the power of determination and community support. 

In a gesture of gratitude and to boost network awareness one last time, a final giveaway is planned, with details to be announced., which has significantly contributed to the Nano network, reaching over 80,000 unique users and operating as a non-profit, will leave its domain and open-source materials on GitHub available for anyone interested in continuing the journey.

The creator, u/Saizo, expresses immense pride in the project's achievements and heartfelt appreciation for the relationships and learning experiences gained through this venture

Fri Jan 26 2024