Meet the team

The Nano team brings together expertise in technology, strategy and business direction from leading organizations in each field.

Image showing Colin LeMahieu

Colin LeMahieu

Creator & Lead Developer

A software developer for the last 10 years, Colin founded RaiBlocks, now Nano, in 2014. He moved to the project full time in 2017 and is spearheading development of the core protocol. His interests include space technology, physics, and environmental sustainability.

Image showing Mica Busch

Mica Busch


Mica is a Control System developer for Residential and Enterprise markets by trade, self-taught programmer and deeply curious tinkerer at heart. He has been involved in cryptocurrency since 2011. Mica is responsible for our web infrastructure and development as well as creating our Android lite wallet.

Image showing Zack Shapiro

Zack Shapiro

iOS developer

Zack runs Mobile, Wallets and Product on the Nano Core Team. He’s been building products and software for over 10 years. Prior to Nano, Zack worked for Square, Splash, Product Hunt and has founded and sold two companies.

Image showing Devin Alexander Torres

Devin Alexander Torres


A software developer with over a decade of experience building highly reliable software solutions for the publishing, travel, insurance, and e-commerce industries. He loves building fault-tolerant distributed systems and karaoke.

Image showing Russel Waters

Russel Waters


Experience coding in the crypto space since 2013, Experience coding with C++ for much longer. Worked on various other cryptocurrency projects. Will be helping with the Core wallet development and protocol.

Image showing Troy Retzer

Troy Retzer

Community & Public Relations

As a business consultant for the last 10 years, Troy has worked to grow a number of companies into successful businesses. His role in Nano is public relations, marketing and community management.

Image showing Tito Vecchione

Tito Vecchione


Tito brings his background in graphic design, UI/UX design, and creative direction to the team. His experience in advertising and marketing, as well as helping build tech startups in China, has fostered his love of visual story telling and communication. Tito is excited to help Nano communicate what this exciting technology is all about and what it means for the future of currency.

Image showing Josh Kleiman

Josh Kleiman


Josh is an experienced litigator and corporate advisor. Josh’s experience includes advising companies, entrepreneurs and individuals on litigation exposure, licensing deals, corporate organization and securities matters.

Image showing Brian Pugh

Brian Pugh


A programmer and engineer with a passion for hardware design, rapid prototyping and cryptography, Brian recently received his M.S. in computer vision from Carnegie Mellon. Brian is focused on non-protocol programming developments.

Image showing George Coxon

George Coxon

Operations & Partnerships

An early faucet user, George has been involved with Nano for several years. She now manages operations and partnerships for Nano in the UK and around the world.