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Media Kits

Get the resources you need for writing articles about Nano, styling your Nano-based project or even setting up your own related meet up or event. If you want to discuss these activities with our team, reach out to us at

Brand Kit
Nano branding assets and accompanying Style Guide

Download Full Brand Kit (.zip)
Dark Blue
HEX: #000034 (sRGB)
RGB: 0, 0, 52 (sRGB)
CMYK: 100, 93, 42, 67 (Coated FOGRA39)
Soft Blue
HEX: #4A90E2 (sRGB)
RGB: 74, 144, 226 (sRGB)
CMYK: 70, 38, 0, 0 (Coated FOGRA39)
HEX: #676686 (sRGB)
RGB: 103, 102, 134 (sRGB)
CMYK: 65, 58, 28, 11 (Coated FOGRA39)
Light Blue
RGB: 244, 250, 255 (sRGB)
CMYK: 5, 0, 0, 0 (Coated FOGRA39)

Press Kit
Everything you need to know

Download Full Press Kit (.pdf)

Event Kit
Resources for hosting your own Nano event

Download Full Event Kit (.zip)