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A technical overview of the original Nano design. Although changes to the protocol have been done since this version was written, it contains some foundational details about what makes Nano uniquely suited as digital money.

Online Version (HTML)

File Version (PDF)

Please note: some design details in the original whitepaper are no longer accurate, such as voting only being performed on blocks for which forks were detected. A new Living Whitepaper will be published soon with updated design details.

Developer Tools

Whether you're building the next great Nano wallet, integrating fee-less transactions into a game or doing a custom integration with your business, there are plenty of developer tools ready to help you.

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Media Kits

Get the resources you need for writing articles about Nano, styling your Nano-based project or even setting up your own related meet up or event. If you want to discuss these activities with our team, reach out to us at

Brand Kit
Nano branding assets and accompanying Style Guide

Download Full Brand Kit (.zip)
Dark Blue
HEX: #000034 (sRGB)
RGB: 0, 0, 52 (sRGB)
CMYK: 100, 93, 42, 67 (Coated FOGRA39)
Soft Blue
HEX: #4A90E2 (sRGB)
RGB: 74, 144, 226 (sRGB)
CMYK: 70, 38, 0, 0 (Coated FOGRA39)
HEX: #676686 (sRGB)
RGB: 103, 102, 134 (sRGB)
CMYK: 65, 58, 28, 11 (Coated FOGRA39)
Light Blue
RGB: 244, 250, 255 (sRGB)
CMYK: 5, 0, 0, 0 (Coated FOGRA39)

Press Kit
Everything you need to know

Download Full Press Kit (.pdf)

Event Kit
Resources for hosting your own Nano event

Download Full Event Kit (.zip)

Year in Review

Every year the Nano network gives more people and communities across the world access to decentralized digital money. Through key events, development milestones, community projects and more, the strength of the ecosystem consistently grows. Explore the progress made over time by countless contributors to the most efficient currency in the world.